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The origins of Manchester Museum

Virtual technology is a blessing. Our company uses it to create things like stunning 3D models as well as more complex 3D projections. The things we make are useful for many purposes. Sometimes, it is for education. At other times, it is tourism. The models are exceptional because they mean people get to see what places such as Manchester Museum look like in great detail.


The origins of Manchester Museum lie with the collection of John Leigh Phillips. He was a local collector and manufacturer. After his passing, a small number of wealthy people came together to buy his ‘cabinet’. During 1821, they set up the Manchester Natural History Society.

From 1835, the museum was in grand premises on Peter Street. The collections carried on increasing, with Members as well as separate bodies donating more and more items. These came from all over the world. In 1850, the Manchester Geological Society’s collections were procured.

Changes during the late 1800s

The 1860s was a very hard period for the Natural History Society. There were issues at the time, including the fact that there was very little money left. In addition, the building had no space left to display new items.

In 1868, the museum made the move to Owens College. Later on, this became the University of Manchester. The college sought the aid of famous architect Alfred Waterhouse to design the structure. It opened in 1890.

In time the establishment got the name Manchester Museum. By then, many people were using the collections. They were vital for educating schoolchildren and advancing the research of Owens College professors.


At the same time, the number of donations was continuing. As a result the museum had to extend again, firstly between 1912 and 1913, and then in 1927. Waterhouse’s son and grandson designed these new parts of the museum. The extensions were for the display of new Egyptology and ethnographic collections.

How much do you know about Harvard House?

We are a company that is able to teach customers about the history of various locations. To do this, we use the latest 3D modelling technology. We have had the honour to build models of various structures and locations. This includes Harvard House, the ancestral home of John Harvard. The property has an association with a certain establishment. However, aside from this, the building is a great example of a timber-framed construct.

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The history of Westminster Hall

If you want to visit particular sites but are not able to physically travel to them, we have a solution. The Virtual Experience Company creates 3D models and visualisations of places like Westminster Hall. The projects range from highly detailed 3D projections to simple panoramas. They are great for tourism, interpretation, and education purposes.

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Virtual tours are possible thanks to modern technology

We are a team that develops virtual reality and 3D models that are full of detail. They are perfect for tours of museums and historic sites, giving people the chance to feel like they are really there. For the best results, we use the most cutting edge computer game technologies. Our team has a proclivity for the visualisation and interpretation of these models. So, with our help, people can visit heritage sites all over the world.

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Anne Hathaway’s

Following the success of the installation at Shakespeare’s Birthplace the Virtual Experience Company worked with the Birthplace Trust to raise funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a similar facility at Anne hathaway’s Cottage.

Dove Cottage


A selection of Davy Lamps, modelled for the Royal Institution, London