The history of Westminster Hall

If you want to visit particular sites but are not able to physically travel to them, we have a solution. The Virtual Experience Company creates 3D models and visualisations of places like Westminster Hall. The projects range from highly detailed 3D projections to simple panoramas. They are great for tourism, interpretation, and education purposes.

The Medieval Westminster Hall

It doesn’t matter what your taste in architecture is, there aren’t many Brits who will deny that Westminster Palace is one of our top architectural sites. The present structure dates back to the mid 1800s for the most part. However, Westminster Hall, the building’s oldest section, is even older. There has been a palace on the site since the 11th century. Since the 16th century though, the Royals have chosen other structures as their primary residences.

Westminster Hall has a wonderful history and was used for court cases and legal matters for centuries. It was also the home of early Parliament. Specifically, The Court of Chancery and the Court of Common Pleas based themselves here. The Court of King’s Bench did so too. During 1875, these three merged and became the High Court of Justice. They met at the Hall until moving to the Royal Courts of Justice in 1882.

Several noteworthy figures had their trials here. Examples include Thomas More, Guy Fawkes, and William Wallace. Additionally, the Hall was the venue when many royal family members were lying in state.

It is not all serious

Surprisingly, Westminster Hall was not only for serious functions. It was the venue for the coronation banquets of several monarchs between the 12th and 19th century. Addresses during foreign leaders’ visits and the monarch’s jubilees have been heard here too. Said leaders include Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela.

At The Virtual Experience Company, we want to engage audiences with the projects we create. We designed our Westminster Hall project as part of a wider exhibition. Thanks to it, we could show people how the Hall might have looked in 1099.

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