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Westminster Hall

The Virtual Experience Company was commissioned by Parliament to develop a visualisation of Westminster Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The project was designed as part of a wider exhibition and we showed how the Hall may have looked in 1099 when it was first built by William Rufus. This visualisation was overlaid with a model of the Hall from 1400, when the famous hammer-beam roof was installed.

We also produced a suite of videos to describe the history of various aspects of the Hall.  This  example describes the King’s Table

Salut, Oman

The Virtual Experience Company was commissioned by HE the Cultural Advisor to HM the Sultan of Oman to develop a visualisation of the Archaeological Castle at Salut.

The history of the castle goes back into the mists of time and legend.  The site is being excavated by the University of Pisa, who have uncovered a treasure trove of artefacts and evidence of occupations from, in particular, the Bronze Age, the Early Iron Age and the Late Iron Age.


Roman Carmarthen

The Roman occupation of Britain lasted from 43AD until 465AD. The evidence from this period is found across the country in town, roads villas and elsewhere. The town of Carmarthen is one such place where the influence of the Romans lives on. We produced an animation with narration in Welsh and English, describing the history of Roman Carmarthen


A selection of Davy Lamps, modelled for the Royal Institution, London

Harvard House

Harvard House, in Stratford-uponAvon, is the ancestral home of John Harvard, founder of the University which bears his name. In addition to the building’s famous association, it is a prime example of a timber-framed house and, at the time of our project, it also housed one of the world’s finest collections of pewter

The Virtual Experience Company worked with the curators of Harvard House to develop a suite of video games, 3D animations and a short film about the life of John Harvard.


Excerpt from a video on the life of John Harvard