The historic birthplace of Shakespeare

The Virtual Experience Company is passionate about history and culture. This is why we create models of important sites like Shakespeare’s Birthplace.

Our work is the perfect solution for issues like access for disabled people. Another advantage is it lets site managers display items even if they are fragile or there is not enough space. In each case, our 3D models can recreate vivid details and let everyone browse digitally to their heart’s content.

A Notable Figure

Chances are that you know precisely who William Shakespeare is. He was a renowned playwright, poet, and actor who was born in 1564. He was not only an important person in his time but also continues to shape lives and literature to this day. In fact, he is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language that ever lived.

His history

William Shakespeare was born in a house in Stratford-upon-Avon. Surprisingly his childhood home was the largest house on Henley Street. He grew up with his parents, John and Mary, and his siblings.

When John Shakespeare passed in 1601, William was the eldest surviving child and inherited the property. He leased part of it and this became an inn known as the Maidenhead for a time before changing to the Swan and Maidenhead. Shakespeare left the property to Susanna, his eldest daughter, who inherited in 1616 when he died. She then left the house to her only child, Elizabeth.

See It All With An Interactive Experience

If you have ever wanted to see Shakespeare’s birthplace and where he grew up, you can! We became partners with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust back in 2000. The result was the first real-time 3D virtual experience in the world. It was specifically for disabled people so that they could explore this historic site. Before this it was inaccessible to them.

Our beautiful 3D model allows you to look around the house’s upper floor. You even have the chance to interact by picking up interesting items, opening chests, and more. The beauty of our work is that you do not need to follow a route; instead you can wander freely like you are there in person.

The Virtual Experience Company has had the honour to take on many fantastic projects. We combine the fascinating history of historic sites with our technological abilities. This allows us to create amazing results.

For virtual experiences like Shakespeare’s Birthplace and many others, rely on us. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our work.