Virtual tours are possible thanks to modern technology

We are a team that develops virtual reality and 3D models that are full of detail. They are perfect for tours of museums and historic sites, giving people the chance to feel like they are really there. For the best results, we use the most cutting edge computer game technologies. Our team has a proclivity for the visualisation and interpretation of these models. So, with our help, people can visit heritage sites all over the world.

Real world virtualisation

Today we are in an age where IT technology is moving at a rapid pace. Because of this, real world virtualisation is easier than it has ever been. As a result, people are able to visit various parts of the world without having to leave their home. This provides more chances for discovery and learning.

One thing we keep in mind is the virtual environment must be eye catching and colourful. In addition, it needs to be as close to the real world as it can be. This is why innovative technology is vital to create realistic 3D models, maps, and objects. We can offer our visualisation and interpretation skills to create all of them.

More and more museums and sites are aware of the potential of virtual exhibitions and tours. This is because they allow visitors to get closer to exhibits than they ever could. They can walk through halls and interact with objects with ease.

The advantages

There are many advantages with virtual tours as well. One would be 24/7 access. Visitors have the means to go on them when they desire. Virtual exhibitions can inspire people to look closer at exhibits to discover even more. With the technology there is unlimited time to browse without any interruptions.

At The Virtual Experience Company, we have had the pleasure to work with a number of clients. This includes museum curators, historians, and archaeologists. Partnerships like these are the keys to our success.

You may want to know more about the visualisation and interpretation work we do. If so, we are happy for you to contact us. You can also find out more about our projects on our website.