How much do you know about Harvard House?

We are a company that is able to teach customers about the history of various locations. To do this, we use the latest 3D modelling technology. We have had the honour to build models of various structures and locations. This includes Harvard House, the ancestral home of John Harvard. The property has an association with a certain establishment. However, aside from this, the building is a great example of a timber-framed construct.

A beautiful property

Harvard House is most certainly an attractive building. It has an elaborately carved facade, oak beams, and a gabled roof. For the longest time, it has been one of Stratford-upon-Avon’s most stunning properties because of its unique design.

This Elizabethan-era town house was built in 1596. Local businessman Thomas Rogers was responsible for its construction. These days, it is a cherished Grade 1 listed property. It has been in its present condition since the 16th century. The windows however date back further to the 14th century. The people who handle its upkeep have done remarkably well by managing to preserve it and decorate. They have successfully kept the period style.

The Harvard name

As you might have already guessed, the Harvard House name originates from John Harvard. He was the grandson of Thomas Rogers. Harvard’s name is linked to another famous structure as well, that of the Ivy League Harvard University. The house is also a link between the Harvard Family and William Shakespeare; the playwright resided just down the street.

In the present, Harvard House is a museum. It provides visitors with a captivating look into Elizabethan life. People who go there are free to look through the three floors. Here, exhibitions chronicle the history of the building. You can look at what life was like during the Tudor and Elizabethan times.

At The Virtual Experience Company, we make it easy for you to discover more about structures like these. We have worked with Harvard House‘s curators to develop several experiences. This includes 3D animations as well as video games. There is even a short film covering John Harvard’s life.

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