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A Virtual Encounter with History

The Virtual Experience Company is one of the leading creators of virtual reality and 3D multimedia content in the Cultural Heritage sector

The Virtual Experience Company develops 3D and Virtual Reality models of historic sites and museum artifacts.

Using the latest developments in computer games technologies, we enable visitors with a passion for cultural heritage to explore virtual reconstructions of heritage sites across the world.

Our projects have ranged from simple 3D panoramas to full 3D projections and have been used for education, interpretation, tourism and for providing virtual access for disabled visitors.

Our Projects

The primary focus of our projects is to engage our audience in the stories of heritage sites and to inspire people to explore their history. The tools we use are drawn from innovators in games technologies, education and entertainment, but we always regard these as the means, not the end – the heritage is what is important.

Who We Are

The Virtual Experience Company have worked with a wide variety of archaeologists, historians, museum curators and other specialists, enabling them to communicate the special significance of their heritage to a wide audience.

We believe that the key to a successful project lies in the partnership between our technical expertise and their in-depth knowledge of the heritage.

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If you’d like more information about any of the things we do, please call us on 07939 599 590 or send us an e-mail to